Stained-glass art is generally regarded with a fond feeling and is often associated with a place or time in life. Don’t let it sit in disrepair. Have your leaded glass windows repaired or restored to their former glory.

General services offered:

  • Replacement of lost or broken glass
  • Replacing or fixing glass panels and lamp glass
  • Glass inserts for antique and new lamps
  • Wooden window frame restoration
  • Wood frame broken glass replacement

“John restored the original window on my project. Very professional, courteous, and reliable. Most importantly, my client was very happy with the work. I would recommend him highly.”

FYI – Most of what is known about medieval stained-glass making comes from a twelfth-century German monk who called himself Theophilus. An artist and metalworker himself, Theophilus described in his text, On Diverse Arts, how he carefully studied glaziers and glass painters at work in order to provide detailed directions for creating windows of “inestimable beauty.” Source – Met Art History


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