Sidelight Restoration

Summer is a great time to take care of leaded windows that are in disrepair. In this case, there were four of them in Sea Cliff. Two outer and two inner vestibule sidelights. As you can see, they needed a little work. Much of the glass was broken, the lead was hanging on by a string and for reasons I don’t understand, there were no support bars on the outer panels which caused them to bend more than they should have, even at 90-100 years old.

Once the glazing was removed from the outer lights, it was just easier to pull the windows out in pieces as the only thing to save was the glass. The wood frames were embedded into the house, so we opted to leave them alone and reinstall the restored panels on site. The inner windows were not quite as bad, and the owner was able to pull out the entire frame. I forgot to take pics of these initially, but the end result is shown in the last photo. I’ll post another pic of the outer lights installed once the owner finishes painting the area and frame.

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