Texture, Amber, Frame


Sometimes in the middle of a restoration I need to stop and do something completely different. I’ve had this textured glass for some time and came across the amber in a box of glass recently given to me. My original intent was to make a small hanging panel for a window, though after constructing it, I wasn’t happy with the proportion and the lead border wasn’t doing the texture any justice.

I put the frame over the panel to see what a 5×7 shape would look like and to my surprise, it all came together. I went back and removed the border, cut the glass down, trimmed the lead and added a new (thin) border, but it was well worth it. There are also small, nearly flat loops on the back so it can be hung without the need for unsightly hooks. A simple, unique sun catcher by day and beautiful picture frame by night. These pictures show the different phases I went through.

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