Bedroom Door Restoration

UPDATE: The photo gallery is now a start to finish series.

A while back I took my son’s very old bedroom door, stripped it, removed the inside panels and added 4 panels of stained glass that I designed. One of which was on display at Mini Mart. After many delays (little things, like having a new baby), I finished it. Thanks to Kevin for helping me put new wood trim around the panels and mounting the door. I’d say more, but I think the photos pretty much tell the story.  I’ll be inserting 2 small panels into the top area of our bathroom door in the Spring.In an ongoing effort to update our 1907 home, I found the original door to our son’s bedroom hidden away and have begun to restore it for him. Per his request, he wants stained glass. And fortunately for us, the sun coming in from his window will provide a great source of colored backlight into our bedroom 🙂

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