Swirly Glass Seahorse

Stained glass seahorse Stained glass seahorse  seahorse-2-0004 seahorse-2-0002

I’ve had this piece of glass sitting in a window for months waiting for an idea to come to light. It finally happened, so I took a break from Josef’s door to follow the inspiration.

The design was drawn on poster board, transferred to the baroque glass and carved using a DL 3000 bandsaw (made for glass & tile). I had one moment of anxiety when the glass separated along one of the swirls as I cut the sheet in half, but I got lucky. The swirls are all different layers of color, texture and thickness. Imagine cutting a melted, flattened, refrozen gallon of neapolitan ice cream and you’ll get the idea.

The swirls in the glass accent the curves and the cherry-chocolate colors change dramatically with the light and angle of view. This is my second seahorse (amber seahorse). I don’t really have a thing for them, but they sure do look good in glass.

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