Antique Amber Sea Horse

Inspired by a statue in the window of a local shop, I snapped a photo and turned it into what you see here. It is made up of only three pieces of antique amber glass – the ears head-body and tail.  Measuring 10″ x 3″, it was a delicate procedure to say the least. All of the other solder lines were made by sticking copper foil onto and/or around the piece to create the ribbed effect. The eye is a drop of solder glued to the surface on both sides.

I was cautioned in advance that this size could easily crack, but what’s life without a little risk. Everything was fine until I applied the vertical line of foil, unknowingly on an uneven surface. It didn’t break apart, so I covered it with foil & solder. A second crack happened at another point after construction, so now it sits undisturbed in our window. I plan to do a larger version in the future. This is a personal favorite.

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